How We Work

How much will the links last me?

The links are permanent

How can you guarantee a permanent link?

If the site has any problems with hosting or goes through redesign, our link scanner with automatically pick up and put your next replacement in the queue – automatically.

If the site has a problem, how long will it take to get my link back up?

Link scanner cycle’s one and half month currently (December 2019) for all existing orders. When the dropped link is queued it’ll take 7-9 days to be replaced again.

Foreign keywords and websites accepted.

Though the foreign niche is limited, we can supply EU customers without any issues.

If I order two orders separately in the same niche, will I get links on the same site twice?

No. We manage your orders through software designed by us.

If I don’t like the placement, what happens then?

That’s no problem at all. We can replace it and place it on the site with the same power. Or you can be refunded.

How many links do I need to rank X niche?

That’s is entirely up to you. You’re in charge of your SEO strategy. If you are not sure, we would suggest to schedule consultation with someone that will assist you in that regard.

I need high power links, not some usual stuff you’re selling?

This request usually results in an additional fee. However, it is possible to set up some tradeoffs when it comes to niche relevancy and traffic. An example would be the Casino and gambling niche where we can include broader niche placement.

I want to rank for my “Carpet cleaning Wall Street NY” keyword. I need super-powerful niche relevant links.

We get this request all the time. It is highly unlikely that the carpet cleaning niche will be super competitive.
Some niches are weaker by nature. We won’t pick out sites that are artificially boosted

I am an agency and I have clients coming and going. Is there any cost solution for this?

Most of our orders come comes from people like yourself. For a smaller fee, we can replace the anchor and target URL if you drop your initial client

I’ve got the examples of the sample in my PM with you. You’ve given me low-quality sites there to pick from.

When PM-ing I’ll give you an example of the sites in various RD (referring domains) that are within your niche. This doesn’t mean those sites will be used for your order. If you have minimum requirements let us know. After you place the order, links will be bought with your specifications.

My order includes 5 or more links, and I don’t want them placed all at once. What can you do?

Write in the order notes for how long you want the drip-feed for.

I’ve selected a drip feed for two weeks. Can I see the first placement to make sure it's fine?

It’s not possible. Apart from this site we’ve got other clients and other marketplaces we supply. It’s not fair to them and for us to micromanage your order. There’s a big process behind the scene; we’ll be disrupting that and may cause delays in yours, or worse, someone else’s order. If you’re not sure about the quality, test us out with a single placement order.

I’m looking to buy 100-1000+ links per months, what can we do about the price?

Talk to us.
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